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Top 10 Sources to Find Royalty Free Images for Your Content Marketing

Where to find great, high-quality, and high-res royalty free images for your content marketing? Here are top 10 sources to keep in mind!
Finding a library stocked with images that are of high-quality and high-res and available to use free of charge can be a daunting project. All the effort you are investing in choosing your keywords seems to only find photos that are completely irrelevant to your needs or they vaguely agree with your needs. This can waste a lot of time!
If your job includes finding royalty free images online on daily basis, having a free photo directory would be a smart move. A free photo directory allows you to quickly and easily access photos that aren’t just relevant and top-quality but add more taste, meaning, and passion to your message and also saves a lot of time.
We are going to present you the best 10 sources where you can find royalty free images for your content marketing:
1. Picjumbo – The best thing about this source is that there are no restrictions which mean you don’t need to credit the author when using photos from this site. New images are uploaded every day and organized properly. They have amazing photos with a wide range of categories including food, roads, wedding, fashion, business, and technology.
2. Unsplash – They post 10 new amazing photos every ten days. You don’t need to register, all you have to do is subscribe to receive photos via email.
3. Flickr – Besides the large selection of high-quality images, Flickr gives you the option of both saving and sharing your photos. You can easily organize all of your photos and not worry about losing them. If you want, you can also edit the photos. These options are quite similar to those that Shopify offers on its free images platform, so you can get an idea on how does it works.
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4. FreePhotosBank.com – Easy to find and download photos. This website focuses more on architecture, abstract shots, nature, landscape, patterns, backgrounds, and more. You don’t have to create an account.
5. Creative Commons Search – This is an online tool that allows you to find resources you can use, share, modify, or remix. You can use to find photos you can use for personal and commercial purposes. No registration is required.
6. Picsearch.com – This is a pretty useful search engine for those who don’t know exactly what they are looking for. This site will help you search by indexing websites and pages for you.
7. Blogphoto.tv – There are plenty of free photos to choose from. The disadvantage is that loose photo restriction that comes with it. Besides photos, they also offer articles planners, templates, and more.
8. Sxc.hu – There is a variety of photo restrictions but they offer a huge selection of photos covering a large spectrum such as events, abstracts, architecture, and more. You can share images however and whenever you want.
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9. DevianArt – With more than 30 million registered users, this website is one of the most popular ones in free image online communities. Everything you see on this website falls under Creative Commons license which means you can use their photos as long as you give them credit. You will find lots of high-quality and high-resolution photos.
10. Photodune – They offer the best photo at a reasonable low price. Their photo collection includes 4 million photos. If you are looking for unique and stunning photos and if you want your website or project to stand out, Photodune is the perfect site for you.
These sources come in very handy whenever you are in need of royalty free images. There is no need to hassle with Google or Wikimedia trying to find the perfect photo. These sites offer you relevant and high-res images.