The Best Places to Look for Free Images for Websites

As a website owner, you probably need images to enrich your content. It was proven numerous times that modern Internet users are fond of web pages that have relevant images on them. Many website owners know that, but they believe that they have to pay a lot to get unique images on their websites. Well, this is not true because there are sites where you can get free images for websites. Actually, there are hundreds of sites like this, but we have created a list of the best ones.


Pixabay is a great source of free images that can be used on websites or other places. The latest stats have shown that Pixabay has more than 800,000 items in its offer and most of these items are images. It’s interesting that every item found on this platform is manually added by artists and/or photographers. Pixabay has an advanced search box and it also allows users to browse through different categories. All the images found on this website have a Creative Commons Zero license.


There is no doubt that Pexels deserves to be listed on this top list. You can use this popular website to find free images for commercial and/or personal use. Similar to Pixabay, these photos are added by users. The free images found here are separated into different niches and categories. They too have a CC0 license which means that you are free to use in any way you want.


This is a free images website with a memorable name. All the images present on Lifeoxpix have no copyright restrictions and you can use them as you want. The huge library is getting bigger every day. What users like about Lifeofpix is that all the images on this site are of high quality. It’s good to know that they have created a separate website dedicated to free videos.

Wikimedia Commons

The creators of Wikipedia have decided to create a platform where people can look for images, audio files and other types of media. The good news is that people can use these media files free of charge. This is a place where you will find millions of media files and most of them are images. In most cases, you will find realistic photography and you can select the size and format in which you want to download these images.


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